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International Club

Hungarian Wine and Gastronomy


What is the main objective of the Club?

The Victory Wine and Food Club wants to be a real and virtual place where business making with and in Hungary can be smoothly paired with the sophisticated knowledge, practice and pleasure of its wine and gastronomy culture. In order to perfectly fulfill this objective

The Club intends

  • Gathering the past, present and future friends of Hungary,

  • Putting those people together who were and still are interested in making business in Hungary, or simply those who were and still are touched moreover would like to be seduced by the Hungarian culture, especially by its wine and gastronomy culture,

  • Collecting and orientating those who did and would like to enjoy the tourism opportunities and hospitality of Hungary.

The Club wants to become

  • A trademark which guarantee for its members that its products (Hungarian foods and beverages) and services are of the highest quality and meet the most demanding requirements,

  • The official purveyor of its members gastronomical and tourism expectations as for the products and services of Hungarian origin,

  • The real place of regularly organized gatherings providing exquisite events and information for their and would be members.

The website of the Club wants to become

The virtual and interactive place of sharing opinions, ideas, thoughts on Hungary and

its culture, especially focusing on wines, special foods, tourism and hospitality.

What are the advantages of our Victory Wine and Food Club?

Our valued and invited only members will

  • Become part of an exclusive - veritable and virtual - community,

  • Take part in regularly organized gastronomical gatherings, wine tasting sessions, wine

dinners, top winery presentations combined with well-defined business goals,

  • Have the opportunity to purchase Hungarian food and beverages specialities (limited selections) which cannot be obtained by mere outsiders,

  • Receive the most recent information of Hungarian wine industry, gastronomy and

tourism industry what can be exploited for his/her own pleasure and happiness.

  • Get in real and virtual contact with new business partners not only from Hungary

and from the country of the actual Club but those who were and are to be joined to

our other “Victory Clubs” in other cities/countries.

How can you join the Victory Wine and Food Club?

For joining you should be invited by 2 founding members of an existing Victory Wine Club. Founding members are those who take part in the first Club event who are personally selected by the Hungarian Embassy and the Management of the Club in Hungary.

As a potential, new member the application process will happen like this: after having your data – to be handled in strictest confidence - and the recommendations of 2 members the evaluation committee in the country of the Club and in Hungary will assess it and will give you the right to join the Club.

Afterwards you will be provided a password to access and enter the website of the Club, so to become the fully qualified virtual member of it and to exploit the opportunities what can be found there.

Same time you will be allowed to take part in any kind of events organized by the Victory Wine and Food Club so to enjoy its advantages. In joining any particular Victory Club you will get the right to enjoy the services of every Victory Club wherever country you are exactly.

For maintaining your membership you are only requested to order a minimum quantity of 24 bottles of wine per year from the assortment of Victory Wine and Food Club.

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